The Inclusion Committee promotes the opportunity for full inclusion and participation of all people, regardless of physical, cognitive, emotional or behavioral ability, in all areas of Congregation B’nai Israel’s religious and communal life.

Our vision is a community where all members share a sense of dignity, empathy and togetherness, and where inclusion is the basis around which our congregation activities are centered. We strive to accommodate and appreciate individual differences so that all members of our congregation can participate together in Torah study, prayer and acts of loving kindness.

The Inclusion Committee facilitates the monthly Yaldeinu Service for children and young adults with special needs. It is a 45 minute service led by a special needs educator. We use a special prayer book and the children are encouraged not only to participate but to lead as well when they can. The service is held in the Chapel and there is a Torah service. Children over the age of 13 have the experience of being called up for an aliyah. It is a warm, nurturing, supportive environment for the children and their families. Click here for the 2012-13 Schedule of Yaldeinu Services.

The committee also facilitates special programming for the MetroWest Shabbat Shalem weekend, JACS (Jewish Alcoholics and Chemically Dependent and Significant Others) Support Group and other special educational programming. For specific dates, see our events calendar.

The Committee meets once a month and is always looking for new members. Please contact us with any questions.