Judaism is an experiential and living culture and religion. Our people have thrived on community activities and support throughout the years. Within the religious school experience, we convey this philosophy through our special holidays celebrations and activities. However, our ultimate goal is putting our teachings into actions by celebrating with the synagogue community on Shabbat and holidays. In order to create a sense of comfort in the synagogue our students are required to attend services throughout the year and the tefilot, which we have chosen to teach in the school are part of our Shabbat morning service. Finally, ritual items made in school and brought home are used to enhance family celebrations of Shabbat and holidays.

Shabbat Requirement

Service Attendance

3rd – 6th Grades: All students in Gimel – Vav in the Bar/Bat Mitzvah track must attend 10 services at CBI throughout the year.

7th Grade: Zayin students are required to attend a minimum of 12 services during the course of the school year, 5 of which must be completed by January 1. Six of these services may be done at an outside synagogue. A signed note or e-mail from a parent is necessary to receive proper Shabbat credit. Please note that this adjustment is only offered to our Zayin students.

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