Senior Staff

Janice Colmar

Our Education Director arrived at BBRS in 2001. In that time the school has received three Solomon Schechter Awards for Excellence and has been certified as a Framework of Excellence School. Janice earned a BA in History with an emphasis in Jewish History from the University of Rochester. She also holds a Principal’s Certificate for Jewish Day Schools from the Jewish Theological Seminary and permanent teacher’s and principal’s certificates from the Board of Jewish Education Center of Greater New York. She has held leadership positions in the Northern New Jersey Jewish Educators Assembly and has received two awards from the Jewish Education Association of MetroWest, New Jersey for teaching and innovative programming. Most recently, Janice received an honorary doctorate from the Jewish Theological Seminary.

The ability to contribute to a student’s Jewish identity is not just a role to Janice, but her calling. To that end, she also lectures throughout the MetroWest community.  After 30 years in the field of Jewish education, Janice happily points to current teachers who were once her students and students who are now making other valuable contributions to the next generation of the Jewish people.

Miriam Strobezki

Miriam Stobezki is the Assistant Director at BBRS. While this is a new role for her, she is certainly not new to the school. In her 13 years at BBRS, she has served many different roles, including teacher, tutor, and Kulanu supervisor. Miriam has been responsible for developing individualized education programs for many of our students with learning disabilities. Her goal has always been to create an atmosphere most conducive to learning. With her recent Master of Education degree in Educational Technology, Miriam is helping to add technology to our school curriculum.

Our Morim (Teachers)

Shelly Brittner

Shelly has been teaching kindergarten at Golda Och Academy for several years. She also brings with her years of experience in first grade from several Hebrew Sunday Schools in the area. We are so excited to have her.

Miriam Geva

Miriam has been teaching Hebrew to first, second and third graders for twelve years. She enjoys teaching the language and spirit of Israel to her students.

Rena Gitlitz

The school has benefitted from Rena’s expertise in Hebrew language for over four years. With a BA in English, a Masters in Social Work and a Teaching Degree from United Jewish Teachers Seminary, she brings a wide range of expertise to the classroom

Michael Greenstein

Even though Michael’s been a Religious School teacher for only a few years, Michael has been involved in Jewish education for over 15 years. A former General Manager for a large design and signage firm, Michael now spends his professional time as a confectionary and chocolatier.

Hadar Hadef

A native Israeli, Hadar has the pleasure of teaching Hebrew to the first graders this year, but it is her third year at BBRS. Hadar’s first language is Hebrew, and she is eager to help the children improve their vocabulary and grammar and help them fall in love with her native tongue.

Jessica Hadef

Jessica attends Seton Hall and is a graduate of seven years of Hebrew School. She is Israeli, and brings a wealth of Hebrew knowledge to teaching second graders about the Jewish holidays.

Elie Hiller

This is Elie’s ninth year teaching at BBRS. He has been involved in Jewish education for the past 30 years, working with thousands of youngsters throughout NJ as an educator in formal and informal settings. He specializes in teaching Junior High School students, therefore instructs the Vav and Dalet classes on Sundays. When he’s not teaching, Elie is traveling across the United States as the Director of Sales & Marketing for a leading transportation management software company.

Tsipi Israel

Born and raised in Israel, Tsipi moved to the United States seven years ago. Tsipi has over 30 years teaching experience. We are fortunate to leverage her expertise in Jewish Studies, Israeli history and the Hebrew language to BBRS, benefitting one Vav Ulpon and two Dalet classes.

Grace Kaplan

During the week Grace is the Education Director of the Leon and Toby Cooperman JCC Early Childhood Program. For the past eight years, Grace has been a member of our Primary Department team. She truly loves teaching about Israel, Jewish holidays, the Torah and Mitzvot to our young learners.

Dina Leifert

Dina teaches in a local Day School. She has been teaching the BBRS holiday course for five plus years. She also teaches the Torah and Tanakh to all of our grade levels, and is beginning to teach a holocaust course.

Michal Robinson

Though Michal is originally from Israel, she has been teaching at Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy for more than 25 years, and a variety of area Hebrew schools. This is Michal’s third year at BBRS, teaching courses in Hebrew, Bible, prayer, and Israeli sports.

Sandy Sachs

Sandy has been working in the field of Jewish Education for most of her professional life. She started as a preschool teacher, later stepping in as the Assistant Director of Early Childhood at the JCC MetroWest. Sandy joined BBRS nine years ago, teaching primary students. Recently, she also added the Dalet Chagim classes to her portfolio.

Miriam Segal

Originally from Israel, Miriam moved to the United States 25 years ago. She has been teaching for 24 of those 25 years in both Hebrew School and preschool settings, including the preschool at Beth Ahm Yisrael in Springfield. Miriam is the mother of three children and is a grandmother of four.

Ilana Tenenbaum

Ilana was born in Haifa, Israel and came to the United States as a child, but remains fluent in Hebrew. Ilana loves sharing and imparting the language and culture to the Gan and Gimel classes she teaches at BBRS. As a pre-K veteran of 27 years at B’nai Israel’s HGECC and 16 years teaching at BBRS, Ilana is thrilled to see the progress her students make in reading and vocabulary as they move up through the school.

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