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Hosting your special party or affair at CBI has never been easier! Whether celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, wedding, brit milah or simchat bat, birthday, anniversary, or simcha dinner, our renovated building provides flexibility and convenience…in a place many call “home”.

a_0456A_0571In addition to our convenient location and flexible space, another benefit of having your special occasion at CBI is the ability to personalize the space. During the day, the abundant natural light in the Social Hall and Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) creates an inviting and bright environment. In the evening, the high ceilings and varied lighting provide the ability to design an intimate atmosphere (with or without additional up-lighting and lighting design).







One of the advantages of hosting an affair at CBI is the top-of-the-line catering-quality Kosher kitchen, allowing caterers to provide the finest dining experience! For smaller events that do not require elaborate food preparation or service, “drop off” options (not requiring use of kitchen) are available.

We offer a fine panel of approved caterers. Each vendor promises to provide CBI members a culinary experience tailored to their individual tastes, desires and budget.

To further customize your affair, you are welcome to work with the photographer, florist, decorator, party pA_0442lanner, DJ, live musicians, entertainer, etc. of your choice.A_0423

For further information or a personal tour, please contact Lisa Roth, Synagogue Administrator, at mainoffice@cbi-nj.org or 973-379-3811.



Catering Facts

Catering Hall Facts:


3 types of venues:

  • Social Hall – approximately 56′ x 40′
  • Multi Purpose Room – approximately 40′ x 40′
  • Lobby/Vestibule – approximately 32′ x 35′



  • Up to 589 people (standing)
  • Up to 250 people (seated)
  • Up to 100 person dance floor (400 square foot)



  • Multiple configurations
  • Audio equipment connectivity for live/recorded music
  • WiFi-enabled
  • High ceilings
  • Kosher kitchen
  • Top-of-the-line caterers to choose from
  • Easy- access parking lot
  • Handicap accessible