Dear Congregants:

The loss of a loved one is always an emotional time. Sometimes those moments are even more challenging when, in addition to bearing the loss, the family is put in the position of scrambling to make decisions about end-of-life issues.  Pre-purchasing cemetery plots is one of the most thoughtful and considerate gifts you can give to your loved ones, because it relieves them of making one of those difficult decisions within a few short hours of their loved one’s death. It also relieves family members of one of the financial burdens associated with one’s final arrangements and ensures that family members may be buried next to each other.

In an effort to serve our congregational family, Congregation B’nai Israel offers to our congregants cemetery plots for purchase. These plots are located in a peaceful and beautiful section of Beth Israel Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery located in Woodbridge New Jersey, and are reserved for our community and their extended family members.

In recent years, Congregation B’nai Israel has been able to offer plots where only flat grave markers may be placed. We are pleased to now be able to offer plots where either flat grave markers or headstones may be erected. (Please note that we do not sell the grave markers or headstones themselves). From now until December 31, 2018, we are offering these plots at discounted prices, $950 for grave marker plots and $1100 for headstone plots, well below market prices charged directly by the cemetery and at a substantial discount to the price the synagogue has charged for many years. After that date, plots will be sold for $1250 and $1400, respectively.

For more information and to purchase cemetery plots, please contact Harvey Brenner in the CBI office at 973-379-3811 or

Or, download our flyer for more info.

Best regards,

Steve Finkler and Nan Greenwald
Cemetery Committee, Co-Chairs