Diversity & Inclusion

“For My House shall be a House of Prayer for all people”

– Isaiah 56:5

At CBI, we believe that inclusion and belonging should be woven into the fabric of everything we do. We aspire to make every individual, family, and household in our community feel welcome to participate fully in all aspects of synagogue life. We also believe that the work of inclusion is never complete, so we are constantly exploring new ways to make CBI a sacred space for all.

CBI celebrates, supports, embraces, and includes:


LGBTQ+ Community

All gender and sexual identities are recognized, celebrated, and have a home at CBI. The spectrum of ritual and lifecycle events are available to all of our members. Our doors are wide open, and our rabbi looks forward to welcoming you.


Special Needs & Members with Disabilities

From monthly Shabbat morning services for families with special needs called Yaldeinu and modified Jewish learning with our educators, to listening devices and large-print prayer books in our sanctuary, we want all of our members to know they belong at CBI and are supported.  Judaism’s greatest leader, Moses, was a person with many abilities and numerous challenges, including a speech impediment.  At CBI, we will always work hard to nurture an inclusive spirit of belonging, accessible by all.


Jews of Color

From the very birth of the Israelite people consisting of 12 tribes, we understood that our global community would be diverse and multiracial. CBI opens its heart and home to all Jews of Color, and we pledge allyship in the fight against racism and inequality in all its forms.


Diverse Jewish Households

Jews Who Live in a Household Comprising More Than One Culture or Faith

CBI recognizes that there are many ways to live vibrant, rich Jewish lives, including nurturing Judaism within a multi-faith household.  As you consider ways to enhance Judaism in your household, CBI and its clergy can be a valuable resource in guiding you along the path.  Our doors are open to you.

To join our efforts and find out more, please contact Dan Richter, Chair of CBI’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee.