Chanting Circle

For a unique and stimulating spiritual experience, check out to the CBI Chanting Circle. What is it? It is not prayer, yet it is prayerful. It is not text study, yet it encounters liturgy and Biblical text very closely. It is not a singing group, yet all its words are sung. (Though no singing ability is required!) Our chants are in Hebrew, yet no knowledge of Hebrew or ability to read it is necessary.

If you are a person curious about exploring the spiritual dimensions of your Judaism, the chanting circle is for you. If you want your Judaism to be experientially compelling in a way that a usual prayer service may not always be, the chanting circle is for you. If you enjoy traditional texts being set to new and beautiful melodies, the chanting circle is for you.

Led by Len Hausman, the CBI Chanting Circle is now in its 11th year! Each month is a different theme, usually based around holidays.

The Chanting Circle meets once a month on Sunday afternoons from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Chapel but this year we are currently meeting on Zoom.

September 12, 2021
October 17, 2021
November 21, 2021

December 19, 2021
January 9, 2022
February 6, 2022

March 6, 2022
April 10, 2022
May 15, 2022

For more information and to register for Zoom link, please contact Rabbi Julie Schwarzwald, Director of Congregational Learning, at