Get Involved

There are many ways to become involved with the CBI community and to meet other congregants. Being a member at CBI affords you endless opportunities to be immersed in a wealth of Jewish experiences, learning opportunities and daily chances to go deeper into your Judaism and your community.

Our synagogue’s many groups and committees allow you to engage with one another in discussion, discovery, laughter, friendship, communal work, and tikkun olam (repairing the world). Together, we support our community and work toward common goals.

Social Groups

Congregation B’nai Israel’s many social groups offer members a host of opportunities to indulge their passions with like-minded congregants, meet new people, make new friends, and strengthen our Jewish community.



Nearly 80 years young, CBI’s Sisterhood is honored by a membership that spans generations and our mission of supporting the synagogue and our local community.
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Men's Club - Softball Team Pic

Men’s Club

The CBI Men’s Club is dedicated to supporting the synagogue’s mission through engaging programming, community outreach and financial and logistical assistance.
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making matzah

Family Connections

At CBI, we strive to create special opportunities for parents and families to create meaningful relationships with one another. From birth through college, we seek to inspire and guide children to connect with Judaism in many different ways: prayer, learning, social justice, and peer relationships just to name a few. Under our roof, we offer a number of different school experiences, Shabbat programs, holidays festivities, family learning as well as youth groups to encourage purposeful, communal (and fun!) experiences throughout the course of the year.

Israel Affairs -- Teens

Israel Affairs

CBI’s Israel Affairs Committee works to build strong supporting relationships between all members of our community (from pre-K through senior citizens) and the people and the State of Israel.
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Youth Groups

The goal of the CBI youth groups is to provide Jewish experiences that are so fun and rewarding that kids will choose to include them into their already-packed schedules. By doing so, we integrate our children further into the greater Congregation B’nai Israel community.
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adult forum

Adult Forum

A social group for adults with leisure time, Adult Form offers creative and dynamic programming that encourages intellectual, spiritual and social connections.
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Israel Parade

Caring Community

The Caring Community Committee of Congregation B’nai Israel recognizes our responsibility to care for one another as we fulfill the mitzvot of G’milut Hasasdim — acts of loving kindness. We extend a helping hand in times of bereavement, illness, loneliness, and debility.
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Hearst & Hnds -- CBI Cares

Hearts & Hands

Hearts & Hands is the social action arm of the synagogue. This committee coordinates and supports activities that further the principles of tikkun olam, chesed and tzedakah. Efforts are focused within our own congregation as well as our local community and across the country.
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Yom Tov Band - guitarist

Yom Tov Band & CBI Choir

Music is an integral part of the spiritual life of CBI and we are fortunate to have congregants who share their musical talents to enhance our services. The Yom Tov Band participates in early evening Musical Kabbalat Shabbat Services in spring and summer months, as well as certain festivals and social functions. The CBI Choir enhances our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services in the sanctuary.

Volunteer Opportunities (Committees)

The strength of our synagogue, and of our Jewish community, depends on dedicated volunteers. We encourage all members of CBI to take an active part in synagogue life. We encourage you to join a committee and have a voice in the vision and priorities of Congregation B’nai Israel.

We are always eager to hear your thoughts on other opportunities to support our community! We also ask for your help. We know there are many talented individuals of our synagogue who can add to the richness and diversity of our CBI community. Below are areas where assistance is always appreciated:

  • Adult Education
  • Building & Grounds
  • Cemetery Oversight
  • College Connection
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Finance
  • Fundraising
  • Library
  • Membership
  • Preschool Board
  • Publicity / Marketing
  • Religious Affairs
  • Religious School Board
  • Security
  • Youth


We strive to make certain all who enter our doors on Shabbat, Festivals and High Holidays are warmly welcomed. A corps of Greeters perform this service, and we encourage all members to participate in this mitzvah once or more during the year. To volunteer, please contact Steve Brown.