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Resources on the War in Israel

Saturday, October 7th, was the deadliest day for World Jewry since the end of the Holocaust. That fact alone sends shivers down our spines as we try to grasp the magnitude of what has just occurred and the ensuing implications both for the State of Israel and for all of us as Am Yisrael, the People of Israel.

Every member of the House of Israel – all 20 million of us – has been impacted in some way by the current reality. In difficult times like these, it is important that we are present for and supportive of each other, and that includes building unity. It also includes showing tolerance for the respective ways we are each mourning, reflecting, and processing what’s happening. There is no one right way to mourn and reflect. There is no one right way to respond and to act. We must make space for all responses. Let’s show each other kindness and offer generous hugs.

Israel is at war. We may live in the Diaspora, but we are not bystanders. We have work to do, and we can make an impact.

–Rabbi Ari Isenberg


Resources from Ariel Dybner, Israel Affairs:

A message from Israel Affairs – 10/27/23.

A Message from Israel Affairs – 10/20/23 – click here.

Like many American Jews, I feel powerless and feel disgusted by my powerlessness.  So what can I do? What can we do?

Click HERE to read Ariel’s full message and find links to resources for news,  contacting your state and national representatives,  donating to the cause, and other ways to help.

Click HERE for information and to donate to the ongoing SOMA Auction for Israel.


Message and videos from Rabbi Ari Isenberg

Rabbi’s Recordings on Social Media: Don’t miss Rabbi Isenberg’s posts & videos on social media.  Add him to Facebook and Instagram.

CBI Israel Trip August 2024: We are praying that the war will have ended long before our scheduled trip.  By next summer, Israel will need to rebuild its economy.  Tourism plays an important role in its economy.  There is no better time than now to register for next summer’s trip.  Let’s amass an inspiring synagogue delegation and travel to Israel, to inject much needed funds into the tourism industry, to show our support to the great citizens of Israel, to volunteer and give of our time and efforts while we’re there.  Don’t delay. Register today.

For information and videos from Rabbi Ari, click HERE.



How to Talk With Children About the War

Rabbi Julie Schwarzwald, Director of Congregational Learning, shared this message about discussing the war with children of all ages.

Thank Israeli Soldiers

If you are looking for some meaningful action that is appropriate for children, you might consider this organization. Want to thank an Israeli soldier for their service? Record a video to send them, speaking in whatever language you wish.


Lawn Signs:

The community is producing lawn signs for your homes.  Uniform signs throughout Greater MetroWest will have tremendous impact.  These signs are being made available free of charge, with the hope that everyone will donate to Federation’s Israel Emergency Fund in lieu of paying for the signs.

Want a lawn sign?  Please fill out THIS FORM. If you need help picking up your sign, contact the CBI office.


Advocacy Army

Your voice carries weight and can have an impact. Best techniques for the most effective advocacy, online and in person, click HERE.


Stay In Touch

Rabbi Isenberg can text your college kids throughout the crisis in Israel.

Do you have a child on a college campus?

Rabbi Isenberg wants to connect and answer any questions on the spot.  Rabbi is also developing a Whatsapp group for all of CBI’s college students. Send us your college kids’ cell numbers and Rabbi Isenberg will connect them to the group.