A Response to a Recent Troubling Local Event….


We were saddened to hear of the Middle School incident concerning a swastika placed on a student’s desk.

This incident is a reflection of the contentious times we live in – and reminds us that even though we live in a community that has become tolerant and diverse there are still forces that would seek to hurt and disjoin us.

We should be heartened by the responses of the school administration in town. More than anything they have shown how much the township has changed in the last several years. Not so long ago there would have been an attempt to downplay the incident and deny its serious nature. That is not the case today.

It is important for us as members of the Jewish community to be vigilant for future issues. However we are content, for the moment, to allow the school administration to take the lead in response with our support.

Should this situation change (as it sometimes has in the past) you may rest assured that the leadership of CBI will be aggressive in its response.

Steven Bayar, Rabbi

Mariela Markelis Dybner, President

Harvey M. Brenner, Executive Director