Support Israel

By Rabbi Steven Bayar

The recent events in Israel are a cause for concern for all of us. Reports from my friends in Israel have everyone afraid to go about daily business outside their homes. Stores are empty. Pedestrians are unknown. We can only imagine the toll this is taking on the children; who must fear going to school or playing with friends. Normal life is completely disrupted.

I remain confident that this dynamic will not turn into the “new normal.” We will find ways to subvert this new wave of terrorism.Israel Flag

We can help in a variety of ways.  Most important at this time is to be aware of the situation. Listen to the news reports and find the news online as it comes out of Israel.  Two useful resources are THE TIMES OF ISRAEL and the DAILY ALERT from the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Contact your elected representatives to make them aware of your concern and the importance of American support at this time. Lastly, find a cause in Israel to support — and support it.

This would also be a good time to consider a trip to Israel — to show support and to get more realistic picture of how resilient our people are.