Planned Giving


Congregation B’nai Israel enriches us deeply. It is a place where we find connections to one another and to our Jewish traditions. For many of us, some of the most meaningful moments of our lives are inextricably interwoven with our Congregation B’nai Israel community. Countless everyday moments are impactful and enduring: the friendships cultivated during religious school or USY events, the spiritual connection felt in Shabbat or holiday services, or the meaningful discussions shared in an adult education class.

Our Legacy Circle members want to preserve and strengthen what past generations have created here in Millburn. A legacy gift ensures that our children and grandchildren have a community in which to develop the same firm commitment to Judaism and its ethical values as our ancestors did before us. We invite you to be a part of assuring our vitality and vibrancy, our traditions and innovations, our roots and our blossoms for future generations. By leaving a legacy, you will be doing your part to maintain and grow what was started by a small minyan in the storage space above Buncher’s Hardware in 1924.


  • To pass on your values to your family and your community.
  • To express your desire for a vibrant Jewish future at Congregation B’nai Israel.
  • To continue the traditions and programs you love here.
  • To be part of something larger than yourself.
  • To do something for the future that you might not be in a position to do today.


  • Reflect on your Jewish passions and your vision for a Jewish future.
  • Have a conversation with a Legacy Team Member.
  • Think about the ways to leave a future gift that make the most sense for you and your family.
  • Your legacy commitment can be a percentage of your estate or retirement account or a specific dollar amount.
  • Formalize your commitment by making a change to your will, retirement account beneficiaries, life insurance policy or other estate plan.
  • Complete a Confirmation of Commitment form, available from the CBI office or click HERE.


Enjoy the appreciation of your community, knowing that you have taken an important step toward ensuring Jewish tomorrows.

Ways To Give

Make a Bequest in your will
By far the most common form of deferred giving, you can make an outright charitable bequest through your will. You can either specify an amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residual of your estate after all other bequests have been made.

Life Insurance Policy
You can name CBI as a beneficiary on your life insurance policy or you can purchase a policy that names CBI as the owner and beneficiary.

Retirement Plan or IRA
You can designate CBI as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, IRA, or annuity, payable upon death. As a not-for-profit, CBI is not subject to income or estate taxes on retirement plan assets, which non-charity heirs would have to pay.

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)
In exchange for a gift now you can provide income for life for up to two individuals, which can include you and a spouse. The annuity amount is based on the age of the donor. At the death of the donor or donors, the remaining funds are available for use by CBI.

(Note: If you have questions please seek the advice of a tax and/or financial advisor.)

Create a Jewish Legacy is part of a national program to dramatically increase philanthropy to provide for the vibrant future of the local Jewish organizations that enhance our lives today. We are proud to be one of only 15 organizations in Greater MetroWest selected to participate in this innovative program.

To learn more about the Congregation B’nai Israel Legacy Circle, please contact us at

We’re happy to talk to you about creating your Jewish legacy! 

Create a Jewish Legacy is a program of the Jewish Community Foundation
and Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ with support from the
Harold Grinspoon Foundation.