Shabbat Prayer for Healing

On Shabbat Morning it is tradition for the congregation to recite the Mi Sheberach prayer for those who are ill or recovering from illness or accidents. We pray for those in our family and community, for friends and relatives, in need of physical cure as well as spiritual healing, asking for blessing, compassion, restoration, and strength. A list of names of those that are ill is read quietly by the Rabbi or Cantor.

 Committed to the value of bikkur holim (visiting those who are ill), our clergy is available to speak or meet with congregants and their families in times of illness. In addition, active volunteers on our Chesed Committee (Caring Committee) can assist with making arrangements for visits, rides, meals, or offer other practical help. Our goal is to build a web of loving kindness that reaches all members of our community.

Please contact the Clergy Office to add a name to the Mi Sheberach list or if you need assistance.