Israel Updates – 8/4/2014



Joe Tenenbaum, Chairperson of the CBI Israel Affairs Committee, participated in an Orthodox Union (OU) sponsored Solidarity Trip to Israel during the last weekend in July.  (This was a trip quickly arranged and which Joe was able to join at the last minute.)  Beginning with Shabbat in Sderot and continuing with visits to the Ahkelon and BeerSheva hospitals and to social service activities in Kiryat Malachi and Dimona, Joe would like to highlight the following:

  • While there is a war going on now, the need for social services to support the people of Israel is ongoing and the war only makes the needs more urgent.
  • The soldiers of Israel are receiving tremendous support from the people of Israel and from outside.
  • People in Israel appreciate when friends from outside the country come to visit.


This Thursday (August 7), you can support Israel by participating in the support initiatives at the Summer BBQ & Open House (RSVP required):

  • Send a personal note to soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – thanking them and supporting all of their efforts and courageous acts to protect Israel. Informational table will be in Motherwell Lobby.
  • Donations are still being collected for Men’s Club and Sisterhood’s fundraising initiative to demonstrate our solidarity and support of the IDF.

If you are not attending the BBQ, we encourage you to participate in a rally to be held Thursday evening on the Morristown Green in Morristown at 6:30 p.m.  This latest rally in support of Israel is being sponsored by Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.  Click HERE for more information about the rally and all Federation community efforts on behalf of Israel.

The funerals of Israeli soldiers affects us all in different ways.  The funeral’s this past Sunday in particular were a terrible reminder of the position of girlfriends and fiancées of soldiers.   Amuta is a non-profit organization based in Israel  that provides services for these individuals, as there is no state-sponsored recognition or support.   If you are moved to help support girlfriends, boyfriends and fiancées of fallen soldiers, please read about this group HERE, on the Good People Fund website.

Finally, a simple, meaningful and effective way for families to support Israel is to purchase products made in Israel.  It is easy to “BUY ISRAEL.”  For example, if you need a gift, consider using our own Sisterhood gift shop or any of the other shops in the area that carry goods made in Israel.  If you need spices, buy from the section in your local grocery that carries those from Israel.  If you need wine, purchase Israeli brands in the local stores. And, if you buy snacks or chocolates for children, buy Elite or other Israel brands.