Israel Updates – 8/4/2014

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FROM THE CBI ISRAEL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: ON THE GROUND REPORT Joe Tenenbaum, Chairperson of the CBI Israel Affairs Committee, participated in an Orthodox Union (OU) sponsored Solidarity Trip to Israel during the last weekend in July.  (This was a trip quickly arranged and which Joe was able to join at the last minute.)  Beginning with Shabbat in Sderot and continuing with visits to the Ahkelon and BeerSheva hospitals and to social service activities in Kiryat Malachi and Dimona, Joe would like to highlight the following: While there is a war going on now, the need for social services to support the people of Israel is ongoing and the war only makes the needs more urgent. The soldiers of Israel are receiving tremendous support from the people of Israel and from outside. People in Israel appreciate when friends from outside the country come to visit. THE WEEK AHEAD This Thursday (August 7), you can support Israel by participating in the support initiatives at the Summer BBQ & Open House (RSVP required): Send a personal note to soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) – thanking them and supporting all of their efforts and courageous acts to protect Israel. Informational table will be in Motherwell Lobby. Donations are still being collected for Men’s Club and Sisterhood’s fundraising initiative to demonstrate our solidarity and support of the IDF. If you are not attending the BBQ, we encourage you to participate in a rally to be held Thursday evening on the Morristown Green in Morristown at 6:30 p.m.  This latest rally in support of Israel is being sponsored by Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ.  Click HERE for more information about the rally and all Federation community efforts on behalf of Israel. The funerals of Israeli soldiers affects us all in different ways.  The funeral’s this past Sunday in particular were a terrible reminder of the position of girlfriends and fiancées of soldiers.   Amuta is a non-profit organization based in Israel  that provides services for these individuals, as there is no state-sponsored recognition or support.   If you are moved to help support girlfriends, boyfriends and fiancées of fallen soldiers, please read about this group HERE, on the Good People Fund website. Finally, a simple, meaningful and effective way for families to support Israel is to purchase products made in Israel.  It is easy to “BUY ISRAEL.”  For example, if you need a gift, consider using our own Sisterhood gift shop or any of the other shops in the area that carry goods made in Israel.  If you need spices, buy from the section in your local grocery that carries those from Israel.  If you need wine, purchase Israeli brands in the local stores. And, if you buy snacks or chocolates for children, buy Elite or other Israel...

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Numbers Don’t Lie

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FROM RABBI BAYAR: Dear Friends: Numbers don’t lie – but they can be misinterpreted.  As I write this, there is yet another broken truce, another kidnapped IDF soldier, more Palestinians killed in Gaza and the struggle continues.  Some of you have spoken to me (quietly) about your concerns that we are becoming a one issue community:  Israel, Israel, Israel.  Some of you have suggested that there might have been other strategies, other methods of handling this protracted conflict.  These views are correct.  We have become a one issue community and there were other strategies that could have been used. As I said, numbers don’t lie.  We are a one issue community – but that issue is not “Israel” it is “Judaism.”  Make no mistake, the health and continued existence of the State of Israel is inextricably connected to us.  There isn’t one Rabbi or Cantor who has not studied in Israel.  There are few teachers who have not visited Israel and there are almost no leaders of the Jewish community who have not been affected by the existence of the Jewish State.  There isn’t one experience you have as a Jew that didn’t originate or be affected by Israel. And we now see the virulence of anti-Semitism which has broken through the superficial façade of France and other countries.  We now experience some people we knew as friends – who are only concerned with the superficial morality they have suddenly assumed – without thought as to the deeper moral issues at hand. Yet, for all this – we also have found true friends and support, for there is much support for the destruction of Hamas. Whether we wish to admit it or not, this conflict affects us all – and being active in support of Israel’s efforts is necessary. Numbers don’t lie – if we want Judaism to thrive – we must have a safe Israel. This coming week we will commemorate the fast of the 9th of Av – when Jerusalem was destroyed.  According to the tradition, the Romans destroyed Jerusalem because of senseless dissention from within the Jewish community.  Let us not allow history to repeat itself.  As a congregation and a community, we have shown you many ways to be involved in supporting Israel – I urge you to please use them. Rabbi Danny Allen has just returned a two week stay in Israel and will be speaking about the current situation tomorrow morning at Shabbat services.  Rabbi Allen is a member of CBI and serves as the Executive Vice Chairman of United Israel Appeal (UIA) and Senior Vice President of Supplemental Giving/Israel Education Fund (IEF) of The Jewish Federations of North America.  Please come and hear. Jewish tradition urges each and every Jew to “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”  May it always be so. Shabbat Shalom. Rabbi Steven Bayar...

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Men’s Club / Sisterhood IDF Support Initiative

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FROM THE CBI MEN’S CLUB/SISTERHOOD: Dear Fellow Congregants, By now we are all painfully aware of the current situation in Israel. With each passing day the casualty numbers grow, more tunnels are found and rockets continue to be launched with callous disregard for Israeli civilians. We all have seen the pictures and video clips of the affected family members weeping at the funerals of those brave soldiers who have paid the ultimate price to defend the State of Israel. Especially at these times we are called to action for Israel and to demonstrate our solidarity with the Jewish State and the IDF soldiers on the front lines. These soldiers would really appreciate our support. Many opportunities exist to donate money to Israel individually through numerous charities. However, at this time when Israel is facing harsh criticism, our Men’s Club and Sisterhood are joining together in a fundraising effort to demonstrate our solidarity with the IDF. We are asking that you send a donation, payable to the “CBI Men’s Club” so that we can purchase food and/or supplies (Shabbat meals, clothing, toiletry kits etc.) for the Israeli soldiers on the front lines through one or more reputable charities that have operational offices in Israel and can quickly facilitate the purchase and delivery of these goods. Please include a note in the memo section of your check for “Men’s Club & Sisterhood Soldier Drive”. By doing this, we as a community will send a message to these brave soldiers that even though we do not stand next to them physically, we are behind them 100% and support their efforts on Israel’s and the worldwide Jewish community’s behalf. Also, if you include a personal note for the soldiers who will be receiving this support we will attempt to have them delivered. Please send or drop off your donation to the synagogue office ASAP so that we can get these funds to the front lines and support our Israeli brethren. Sincerely, Michael Jurist, Nahum Burstein & David Touger, Men’s Club Israel Support Committee Dan Richter, Men’s Club President Karen Tucker, Sisterhood...

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ISRAEL UPDATE – 7/21/2014

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FROM THE ISRAEL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: As Israel has sent ground troops to Gaza to try to restore quiet to the country, the situation has become much more dangerous for Israeli soldiers. It becomes even more important for our community to support Israel as it attempts to stop the rocket fire into the country. This morning, Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ sponsored a rally featuring Senator Robert Menendez, Congressman Leonard Lance, State Senator Tom Kean Jr. and Ido Aharoni, Israel Consul General. Many CBI congregants attended the rally held at the JCC Campus in Whippany.  If you attended the rally and have photos or comments you would like to share, please forward them to NEWS RESOURCES We have added another link to our links with news updates. The daily alert provides a daily summary of news, analysis and opinion articles about Israel and the middle east from around the world. This digest is prepared for the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.   **NEW**  Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs Daily Alert   Times of Israel Live Blog   Haaretz Live Updates   Jerusalem Post Live Blog   YNet News Page for Operation Protective Edge   Israel Foreign Ministry’s Live Blog of Events   HOW TO HELP We have been asked by congregants how they can help.  There are many wonderful and viable organizations that do good work in Israel, both long term and during the current crisis.  Our list of charities providing services to Israeli soldiers and citizens is just a starting point, and is designed to encourage you to give to the charity of your choice. We have added several organizations since our first update was sent last week:   **NEW**   Hadassah —  Support Israeli Hospital Services   **NEW**   Meir Panim – Fighting Poverty in Israel   **NEW**    Lone Soldier Center in memory of Michael Levin  — Support Lone Soldiers in Israel   **NEW**    Jewish Agency for Israel – Support Families Under Fire in Israel   **NEW**    Jewish National Fund —  Help Israel’s Citizens all over the Country   **NEW**    IDF Pizza – Provides Pizza for IDF Soldiers   Israel Emergency Campaign – Federation’s Stop the Sirens Campaign   The Good People Fund – Center for Children and Family at Risk in Sderot   Friends of the IDF – Israel Defense Forces   Magen David Adom – Israel’s ambulance, blood-services, and disaster relief organization   Please feel free to forward additional ideas to the Israel Affairs Committee at Finally, we want to remind you that the synagogue is compiling a list of all member families who have children or relatives in Israel.  Please include e-mail and phone numbers, if available.  Please let us know...

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Standing Together for Israel

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FROM RABBI BAYAR: By now we are all familiar with the events unfolding in Israel.  It is vital that we all stay informed concerning the situation as the dynamic in the Middle East is fluid and changing hourly. This afternoon Rabbi Mendel Solomon and I gave a “Lunch and Learn” in Springfield.  Representing two different sides of the Jewish spectrum, we spoke about “Issues that Unite Us and Issues that Divide Us.”  We started off the learning with a prayer for the State of Israel and both spoke about how important it is for us to look at what brings us together — that is where the strength of the Jewish community lies. It is clear that one issue that unites us as a community is our concern for Israel.  We must stand together and show this support – it is vital to the health of our community and of the Jewish people. As the only democracy in this part of the world, Israel also is the only consistent American ally. We are currently aware of CBI teens on summer tours in Israel as well as members of congregant families living in Israel.  We want to be sure we identify and communicate with all member families who have children or relatives in Israel.  If you know of anyone, please let us know by phone or email at No matter what your political orientation, please support some organization that is trying to alleviate the suffering of families and children.  The Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ has opened an Israel Emergency Campaign to provide tangible assistance to our brothers and sisters in Israel — 100 percent of proceeds from emergency fundraising go directly to relief efforts.  You can find more information here: In addition, below is a link to Tzvika Lev’s Lone Soldier website.  He provides support for IDF soldiers who have no support system — and are truly alone.   If you do not already have a cause to support, please consider helping them.  This is only one of many worthy organizations working at this time to alleviate the crisis. In the coming days, the CBI Israel Affairs Committee will be passing along additional information. Here’s what’s been happening, courtesy of Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest NJ: More than 3.5 million Israeli citizens, 45 percent of the Israeli population, are under Hamas rockets’ fire range. In the last three weeks, hundreds of rockets have been fired over the Israeli population. More than 100 of them were in the last 24 hours. Once again, the residents of southern cities such as Sderot, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Be’er Sheva, and our partner communities throughout Israel have returned to the bomb shelters. Locations further north, including Jerusalem, have also been affected. Missiles fired at Tel Aviv and other targets have been stopped by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. Israel cannot tolerate a situation in which millions of its citizens are forced to live under a barrage of missiles. The main objective of the operation is to restore stability and quiet to the residents of Israel. Israel’s actions are measured and directed at...

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