Men’s Club / Sisterhood IDF Support Initiative


Dear Fellow Congregants,

By now we are all painfully aware of the current situation in Israel. With each passing day the casualty numbers grow, more tunnels are found and rockets continue to be launched with callous disregard for Israeli civilians. We all have seen the pictures and video clips of the affected family members weeping at the funerals of those brave soldiers who have paid the ultimate price to defend the State of Israel. Especially at these times we are called to action for Israel and to demonstrate our solidarity with the Jewish State and the IDF soldiers on the front lines. These soldiers would really appreciate our support.

Many opportunities exist to donate money to Israel individually through numerous charities. However, at this time when Israel is facing harsh criticism, our Men’s Club and Sisterhood are joining together in a fundraising effort to demonstrate our solidarity with the IDF. We are asking that you send a donation, payable to the “CBI Men’s Club” so that we can purchase food and/or supplies (Shabbat meals, clothing, toiletry kits etc.) for the Israeli soldiers on the front lines through one or more reputable charities that have operational offices in Israel and can quickly facilitate the purchase and delivery of these goods. Please include a note in the memo section of your check for “Men’s Club & Sisterhood Soldier Drive”. By doing this, we as a community will send a message to these brave soldiers that even though we do not stand next to them physically, we are behind them 100% and support their efforts on Israel’s and the worldwide Jewish community’s behalf. Also, if you include a personal note for the soldiers who will be receiving this support we will attempt to have them delivered.

Please send or drop off your donation to the synagogue office ASAP so that we can get these funds to the front lines and support our Israeli brethren.


Michael Jurist, Nahum Burstein & David Touger,
Men’s Club Israel Support Committee

Dan Richter,
Men’s Club President

Karen Tucker,
Sisterhood President